Frequently Asked Questions

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Biiibo is an on-demand delivery service that provides an extensive marketplace for users to order construction materials and supplies from. We strive to provide exceptional and efficient services to the ever-growing construction industry. Our goal is to help contractors, home builders, renovators and even your every day plumbers with completing all their projects on time.

Biiibo delivers in Southern Ontario currently but are looking to expand into other zones. We provide express delivery to Toronto, Woodbridge, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Brampton and other cities in the GTA.

In order to place an order you must register an account with us. We require registration as a way to provide exceptional customer service and make sure your orders are delivered accurately. Once you have registered an account, head over to Biiibo's Shop and select from 200 categories with over 2000 products. If you can't find an item you're looking for, contact us via our live chat or email and we will setup a custom order for you.

Of course. If you can't seem to find the product on our store, please contact us via our live chat which can be found on the bottom right hand corner of the website. You may also use the contact page to reach us via email.

All sales through Biiibo are final, and are not subject to refunds. Biiibo will attempt to return the materials to the supplier and any accepted returns will be credited towards your account on Biiibo for your next purchase. We also charge a flat return rate of $50 for our trucks to come pick up the material.

Yes we will gladly pickup your order from a supplier or store as long as it is in our delivery zone. Contact support via chat or email and we can set up a custom run for you. You will have to provide a proof of purchase or receipt so our driver can present it to the store.