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    Built for Contractors. Simple Pricing, Powerful Benefits.

    Your time is valuable. Why let it go to waste driving from hardware store to hardware store, looking for construction materials and equipment? For just $199 per month, you and your crew can stay on site, get deliveries when you need them, and save money on items you purchase through Biiibo - thanks to your exclusive PRO discount.

    • Scheduled Delivery:
      9 AM - 5 PM
    • Scheduled Delivery:
      9 AM - 9 PM
    • Exclusive Product Discounts
    • Dedicated Account Manager
    • Early Morning Delivery 6 AM - 9 AM
    • Express - Same Day Before 5PM
    • Express - Same Day Before 9 PM
    • Scheduled Delivery 7 AM - 12 PM or 12 PM - 5 PM
    • Exchange & Return Window
    Regular Biiibo service. PRO savings start to stack up after as few as two deliveries per month.
    • $80
    • $60
    • $240
    • $120
    • $100
    • $120
    • 30 Days
    Contractor’s Choice
    BEST VALUE! Save 50% on all regular delivery services and get perks like product discounts, an assigned account manager, and special promotions.
    16% OFF
    $2388 $1999 /annually
    • FREE ($500+)
    • FREE ($500+)
    • $120
    • $60
    • $50
    • $60
    • 60 Days
    Contractor’s Choice
    16% OFF
    $2388 $1999
    • PRO Exclusive Product Discounts
    • FREE Scheduled Deliveries ($500 and up): 9 AM - 9 PM
    • Early Morning Delivery: $120 (6 AM - 9 AM)
    • 50% Off Regular Delivery Service
    • Account Manager
    • 60 Day Return Window
    • Pay Per Delivery (9 AM - 9 PM): $60-$240*
    • Early Morning Deliveries (6 AM - 9 AM): $240*
    • 30 Day Return Window (1/2 PROs 60 Days)
    • Retail Price: No Access To PRO Pricing
    • * Above costs are for Main Zone deliveries
    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Got Questions? We’re here to help.
    Who is the PRO subscription for?
    Biiibo PRO is the best fit for and becomes indispensable to contractors who do multiple weekly supply runs. The savings start to add up when you don't have to leave (or have your team leave) the job site, can rely on Biiibo's team to help you procure what you need, and see special PRO item savings at the checkout.
    How many FREE deliveries can I get per month?
    The most significant benefit of the PRO membership is staying on the job site and never dealing with mid-day traffic and hardware store lineups. This is why you do not have a limit on how many orders you can have delivered per month.
    What's the PRO member discount?
    Biiibo's catalogue is massive. We house 10,000+ products and dozens of brands. The PRO discount is a variable percent discount based on the category and product. We have strong relationships with our suppliers and marketplace brands to provide our PRO customers with the best pricing in the industry. This means that we try and always pass on these savings to you through PRO pricing.
    Is there an order spend minimum on free PRO deliveries?
    Yes, next (and future date) PRO deliveries set for the 9 AM - 5 PM or 9 AM - 9 PM delivery slot must hit $500 to qualify for free delivery.
    What delivery discounts do I get with PRO?
    PRO membership perks include a savings of 50% on all delivery services.
    Why choose Biiibo's PRO membership vs going to a store?
    The most significant benefit is your time savings. Those "short" half-hour/hour re-supply trips start to add up, especially if you are calling suppliers trying to find in-stock material. Then add high fuel costs, the wear and tear on your truck (or the cost of having to rent one), and the headache of storing material (with the possibility of weather damage or theft). It’s when you factor in all the “hidden” costs, along with your employee and project delay costs, that Biiibo’s extensive catalogue and on-demand delivery service become indispensable.
    What if I change my mind and want to cancel after I sign up for Biiibo PRO?
    We get it, PRO might not be for you (right now), and we respect your decision, which is why we make cancellation easy. With your monthly plan: simply log into your account and deactivate your PRO subscription. We do not refund an active month, but your subscription will not be renewed for the following month. Please note that if you purchase the annual plan, we cannot refund the balance of your unused months, but if you deactivate your subscription, we will not charge you for the following annual cycle, and you will have access to PRO for the duration of the year you signed up for.
    Biiibo PRO monthly vs annual plan, which should I pick?
    Never used Biiibo before? Get your feet wet with the Biiibo PRO monthly subscription. That way, when you experience the benefits of on-demand delivery, we are confident you’ll want to sign up for the annual subscription. Already know how awesome Biiibo is? The annual subscription offers 16% off the monthly costs.
    Are Custom Runs included with the PRO subscription?
    Yes! Custom runs are an exclusive PRO perk, but the cost is variable (based on product and delivery distance) and is not included in the free delivery portion of the PRO subscription. You can submit your custom run request by navigating to the Custom Run page on our website ( the link can be found in our footer.
    Start Realising The Savings with Biiibo PRO
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