6 creative ways to use up your scrap pressure-treated lumber

April 16, 2021

Have extra pressure-treated lumber lying around? There are plenty of ways to use it for smaller woodworking projects.

If you've finished your big backyard project and have some pressure-treated lumber left over, there are plenty of ways to ensure it doesn't go to waste.

Pressure-treated lumber is the most popular building material for outdoor projects and it's no surprise why. Its durability and ability to resist insect infestation and decay make it perfect for a variety of jobs.

Here are six ideas for DIY woodworking projects that will allow you to use up remaining pressure-treated lumber. 

Extra pressure-treated lumber can be used to make a beautiful garden bench. Garden bench

An outdoor bench is a great small woodworking project that will allow you to put your scrap pressure-treated lumber to good use. You can choose from many different styles and sizes to suit your yard space. Add a bench cushion once complete to give it a pop of colour. 

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Planter boxes

Make use of your pressure-treated wood by turning scraps into beautiful planter boxes. Just be sure that the boxes will not be used to grow any edible plants, as the chemicals used to treat the lumber are not suitable for food.


Add some romantic flair to your yard, or give yourself a little bit of privacy, by building your own trellis or privacy screen. However, just like the planter boxes, if you plan to grow any vines on your trellis, it's best to ensure the plants are not edible. 

Plant stand

Put your favourite outdoor plants on full display by constructing a plant stand using your leftover pressure-treated wood.

Scrap pressure-treated wood can be used to create a rustic tree swing Rustic tree swing

If you have the right tree in your yard, a rustic tree swing may just be the whimsical addition you never knew you needed. With some rope and a few tools, you can get started. 

Firewood storage

If you and your family enjoy a good summer bonfire, you will likely appreciate a neatly crafted facility to store your firewood. You can use your extra lumber to create a handy storage enclosure. 

If you do need to dispose of any wood in the end, you can take the leftovers to your local waste management facility. There, it can be left in the designated area for pressure-treated wood. 

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