How do I paint or stain pressure-treated lumber? Ask Biiibo

Yes, you can paint or stain your pressure-treated lumber. Here's how

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If you are wondering whether you can paint or stain your pressure-treated lumber, the answer is yes.

But, before you go ahead and get started, there is a period of time that you will be required to wait to ensure that your paint or stain is long lasting and your work doesn't completely go to waste.

Here's what you need to know.

You can paint or stain your pressure-treated wood by following the proper steps to ensure longevity.

How to stain 

Pressure-treated lumber is penetrated with preservative chemicals, which is what allows it to withstand the elements and what makes it ideal for outdoor projects. However, because it is treated, when you purchase most pressure-treated wood, it will be wet.

This means it will not hold a stain right away and may take a number of weeks to dry.

In order to test if your pressure-treated wood is ready for staining, pour a little bit of water on the surface. If the droplets absorb easily, you are ready to begin the staining process. 

Here's what that process will entail:

After choosing an exterior stain, you'll want to wash the wood to ensure you are removing any dirt and debris prior to staining. This can be done using an outdoor cleaner. One the surface has been scrubbed and rinsed off, you'll want to wait about a day for it to dry.

The following day, you can sweep the surface once more to remove any additional dirt, then begin to apply the stain. Be sure not to forget to use painter's tape on any areas you don't want the stain to hit.

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How to paint

If you are painting your pressure-treated wood, you will need to wash and prepare it the same way you would for staining.

Once dry, apply an exterior primer to the surface and allow it to cure. Then use a latex paint of your choice to paint the wood. This will likely require a minimum of two coats.

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